The Key Blogging Insights You Have Been Looking For

Shray Bhardwaj
2 min readApr 9, 2022

The process of creating a blog can be daunting because there are many options, possibilities, and options to choose from. The possibilities and ideas for blogs are endless. This article’s tips are intended to assist you in developing your blog that meets your goals and is viewed by the people your blog was designed to serve.

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Be sure that the length of time between the blog entries is comparable. This will let readers know when you’ll publish the next article. However, when you publish two blog posts 2 days apart, do not post a new post for a week. People will be out of the habit of checking your blog.

Make sure you use tags in the right way. Tags allow you to categorize your content into various categories that visitors can search. Every post should be tagged with at least two tags. You should make use of the same tags for posts that are similar to each other (don’t include tags like “bikes” and “biking” tags, for instance). Don’t assign post tags that are too numerous because this could clutter the categories.

Write original content on your blog, and include images or other material. Linking to relevant websites, quoting experts from an area, or adding videos could make your blog article more engaging. Don’t copy and paste, however, as users will not be able to visit your website. Make your site unique and engaging with articles!

Check to ensure that you don’t have any duplicates of content. You can verify this using the available search engines. If you have duplicate content and are indexed by search engines, they will likely mark your website as spam, and you may not end up getting the attention you’re looking for.

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You’ve probably heard that starting a blog can be overwhelming initially since the possibilities and opportunities for blogs are limitless. The strategies and tips in the article above were collected to assist you in creating an effective blog that can get your message to the people you’re trying to get to.